1. Bad Angel

From the recording "AMPLIFIED" downloads

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Bad Angel

I woke up bound and determined
That I would not light up today
But one drag would sure stop my shakin'
And right now I could go either way

(Ch.) Bad Angel… get off my shoulder
Bad Angel… let me be
I’m standing at the crossroads
Of Temptation and Salvation street

The cap is on the bottle
And the bottle is on the shelf
To take it or to leave it
How am I supposed to help myself (to Ch)

I know I should not gamble
I can’t afford to lose
She’d hang me from the rafters
With the laces from my own workin’ shoes (to ch.)

(Verlon Thompson/Suzi Ragsdale)
EMI April Music,Inc./Verlonsongs (ASCAP)
Ray Stevens Music (BMI)