1. We're Cool

From the recording "AMPLIFIED" downloads

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The back of my collar is soaking wet
You could fry an egg on the sidewalk and it aint even autumn yet
The days are long and angry and the summer sun is cruel
But you and me baby, WE’RE COOL

The ceiling fan keeps turning round and round and round
But we’re not moving darling, at least not until the sun goes down
Let the bad boys on the corner keep hustling their fools
But you and me baby, WE’RE COOL

Hey I’ve still got chills from the love we made
Squeeze me………..another glass of lemonade

The weather man on TV, He aint got much to say
He says “tomorrow looks just like it did today”
“..looks just like it did yesterday”
Everybodys down at Freddies hangin out and shooting pool
Not you and me darling…We’re cool

The whole neighborhood is suffering
With one exception to the rule
That’s you and me baby…..WE’RE COOL

VT/Michael Dulaney