1. 24/7

From the recording "AMPLIFIED" downloads

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24-7 VT

Well my throat was dry , my stomach was churning
From keeping both ends of the candle burning
All the call waiting and the message returning..chasing the almighty dollar
My face in the mirror was a cold dark stare
I didn’t like who I saw in there
No Joie De Vivre no Savoie Faire..just a head in a white starched collar
I was going in early and coming home late
Trying to swallow everything they put on my plate
I was alive but I was not living..and it was working on me… 24-7

So I lied a little and I cheated some,
whatever it took to get the job done
I couldn’t believe what I’d become..all in the name of business
It was all or nothing, either or
Win or lose, it was all out war
Til I had enough of that keeping score and went looking to find forgiveness
Lying is easy it’s the truth that’s hard
I’m just trying to clean up my own back yard
I don’t know if I’ll make it to Heaven..but I’ll be working on it… 24-7

24 hours a day..7 days a week..a month..a year.. a life goes by
In the blink of an eye

So I cleaned out my closet, I threw out some trash
I got a lot of things off of my back
And I don’t know quite how to act..I just know that I feel better
Dying is easy, it’s the living that’s hard
I’m trying to clean up my own back yard
I might have to go through the back doors of Heaven..but I hear they’re open
I can keep on hoping..I hear they’re open …24-7