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The story of Verlon's arrival in Music City. Accompanied by Mike Bub, Shawn Camp, John Gardner.


I came to Nashville thirty years ago from Oklahoma
I walked away from Rock n Roll to get my Honky Tonk diploma
I was hungry, young and hungry- I was looking,for an offer
Loretta Lynn took me in, that sweet coal miner's daughter

She never did do one of my songs, but one day she did say " darlin'...
You should hang around with guys like Holyfield and Harlan"
She said "They go go to lunch, smoke cigars, maybe drink a glass of Brandy...
They write big hits and leave big tips and spend evenings with their families".

And I'm glad she didn't tell me just how far I had to go
In this show we call The Buisiness, in this business we call Show.

So I played the Hickory Holler Mall and I played at Union Station
And I learned to my little Johnny Cash impersonation
Then one night "He" walked outta the back.."Him" and Miss June Carter
And he said "Son I have heard better, but not one who tries harder"

So I put that in my Bio, I told everyone I know
" I'm in this show we call The Business, this business we call Show

It was Wayland that introduced me to Jimmy Gilmer of the Fireballs
And together they convinced my that I should do it all
But later it would come to pass that I could not play the part
I just could not kiss nobody's ass to get my records on the charts

My momma, she's still waiting. She listens by the radio
I say " Mom, it's just a show we call The Business, just a business we call Show

So here's to my music brothers and my music sisters too
Here at home and on the road, this one goes out to you
When the print gets fine on the bottom line don't give away your soul
To the show we call The Business, to the business we call Show

It's just a show we call The Business, just a Business we call Show